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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day30 - My Acrobatic Act!

We had been extremely busy these few weeks, thus I couldn’t find time to update all my fans on what has been going on. While we were busy busy, it was all fun fun fun! Anyway, since the last time I fell off the toilet window, my leg is still giving me problems. I can’t walk properly, neither can I run or jump… it is just not possible. I had this acrobatic act in my show where I do a triple somersault, double backflips and ends with a 20 revolution upside-down head-roll. I guess I’ll have to take it out of my show since I’m still stuck with this leg injury. Anyway, after I told my friend Daniel from GateCrash about what had happened to me while I was researching for the ERP system, he felt sorry for me and decided to SPONSOR my show! Yippee! I was so overwhelmed with joy! I was so happy that I ran around jumping up and down, did a double back-flip and hugged Daniel (We did not kiss). I was so happy yet at the same time felt bad that I couldn't do the acrobatic act for you in my show due to my injury. I hope I recover soon so that I can at least do the high-wire tight-rope walking act. Don't miss this amazing show! Grab your tickets at http://www.gatecrash.com.sg/ now!!

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Sentosa Girl said...

Doing count down.

14 days to go!!! Woot!!!

Excited sia