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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 7 - Georgie Georgie...Who?

We went back to my friend Vivien’s studio for rehearsal today. However she advised us not to “make ourselves at home” anymore and even requested that we remove our computer, fridge, bed, our stack of magazines and our BBQ pit from the studio and back to our own home instead. We reluctantly agreed. And she carried on letting us use the space for free. Arvind and Mrs Naidu didn’t come today as Arvind had to bring her to see a doctor. We had no idea what had happened to Mrs Naidu but we heard it’s got something to do with leg hair… We’ll find out when Arvind gets back.
Anyway, today we rehearsed my act. We worked on a “Magic Drawing” routine. As many of you know, I am extremely talent in drawing. In fact, my drawings of portraits are so realistic that one of my drawings actually COMES ALIVE in one of my act! I’m not Kiki Kidding!! I’ll try to post a video of that act, but do come to my show to see it live!! Anyway, this magic drawing act is inspired by my good friend “Georgie” In fact, the portrait I draw in my act is actually a picture of “Georgie”. We have been separated for a long time but have recently got back in touch, he will make a guest appearance at my show “Just Kiki Kidding!” so don’t miss out! He’s really a nice guy and you’ll be glad to meet him! Oh, did I mention that he is also a great entertainer?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 6 - The Return Of The Emu Curry!

Today we rehearsed at a new venue, no more public toilet, no longer at Mrs Naidu’s house! One of my good friends Vivien offered to lend us her dance studio for us to rehearse in, and it was great! She told us to make ourselves at home and we did! We sat around topless, drinking beer, picking our noses, scratching our crotch and watching soccer on her 42” LCD TV until Mrs Naidu walks in. She came to watch (spy on) Arvind rehearse. I immediately put my pants back on and welcomed her. Something strange happened immediately after which I can’t put my hands on. When Mrs Naidu took off her shoes, the room suddenly filled with the smell of the emu curry she cooked a few days ago. We started to wonder if that smell was indeed, from the emu curry… We were a little disturbed but did not let it show on our faces. We carried on our rehearsal on Arvind’s song and dance item. During rehearsal, we realized that Arvind will need a female singer/dancer to complete his act. We were quite frustrated at deciding who to get at such short notice. We then decided not to carry on with rehearsal but to go out and buy some air fresheners instead. When we came back to the studio, Mrs Naidu has already left. We have 4 cans of unused air freshener for sale! 4 cans of “Green Tea” and 2 cans of “Summer Breeze” Fragrance (We cannot stand the smell of Lavender or Lemon anymore. See this previous post to find out why) Anyway, we are working hard to bring you a good show in June, if you haven't get your tickets, DO SO NOW!! 40% are already gone! Grab them before they are all sold out!! You can find out more here or buy tickets here!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 5 - Arvind Naidu... Our Hero!

Many of you do not know, but I consider education as a very important part of life. In fact, I’ve spent more than 3 years studying the distinguished Harvard University’s application form. I currently hold a degree in diploma with a major in minor. Well, back to the progress of the show. Today we rehearsed at Mrs. Naidu’s house again. Mrs. Naidu wasn't around, I heard she went to play LAN gaming with her friends or something... Today we mainly choreographed and rehearsed Arvind’s song and dance item. It was great! Not only does Arvind have an incredibly big nose, he is also an extremely talented performer! If you happened to have seen him on TV (Vasatham Central) you probably won’t miss him! He is the SUPER HIGH-ENERGY outstanding dancer at the background when I say “outstanding”, I literally mean OUT-STANDING!! If he were to perform beside a bollywood superstar, he will outshine that superstar by a full 1,000 lumens! You’ll see what I mean when you come to watch the show “Just Kiki Kidding!” If you haven’t get your tickets, do so now!! Click here for ticketing info!

Day 4 - New Rehearsal Space!!

Things have been going great with rehearsals! We have upgraded to a nicer rehearsal venue! At Mrs. Naidu’s house! Her house smells better than our last rehearsal venue. Probably because of the curry she’s cooking. (rumor has it that she cooks emu curry, an exotic delicacy!) She offered some to us, but we refused. I’m not really into exotic food. Anyway, Mrs. Naidu is a nice lady, her son Arvind Naidu is gonna be in our show, thus we are rehearsing at his house, or should I say, HER house. I’ve used my ultra talented skill to draw a detailed picture of her house to give you an idea how it looks like. See the picture here. Anyway, her house is indeed very unique. She has this crazy obsession of cleanliness; we can almost describe the entire place as practically “empty” except for her XXL sized underwear that is hanging out to dry in the balcony. It’s a bit disturbing but who are we to complain? This place is much better than our previous rehearsal space! I’ll update you on our rehearsals and new ideas tomorrow! Do buy your tickets before they are all sold out! for info at www.KikiTay.com or get your tickets at www.GateCrash.com.sg

My Production Team - Sales/Marketing Manager, Mr. Daryl John Ho

My production team is great! Especially Daryl! I wanted to credit him but he doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so instead, I’ve made a drawing of him so that I can show it to all of you! Yes, I know! I am a GREAT artist! Many people SWEAR that my drawings are extremely life-like! I’ll ask them to leave me some constructive comments once they stop swearing! Anyway, drawing is one of my many talents. I am so talented that I was voted “Most Talented Son” by my parent. Well, anyone who needs an artist to have any designs or drawings done; now you know who to look for! My fees are relatively cheap! Just $200/hr or 2 plates of chicken rice. Anyway, here is a picture of Daryl Ho, he looks EXACTLY like in the picture I drew, except he is skinnier in real-life. Note- some of you may think my drawing is so life-like that it is actually a photo. I swear it is NOT! It’s my actual hand-drawn drawing! See my drawings here

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moscow Circus...

It’s always so easy to lose focus. I am so busy with my production “Just Kiki Kidding!” yet I have never stopped looking for other opportunities. I’ve just heard that Moscow Circus is employing!! It has always been my dream to be part of Moscow Circus! They are fantastic! They now have an opening and many people are looking into it. They better patch up the opening soon otherwise people will be just watching the show free thru the opening and nobody will actually buy tickets to get in. Oh, back to the employment opportunity! I’ve heard they are currently looking for someone to disguise as an elephant to be part of the animal show. I was quite excited at first, but later I decided not to go for it when I found out that the job paid peanuts! Back to concentrating on my production! Please do come and support! Come to “Just Kiki Kidding” on 29th June 2008 at Jubilee Hall, Raffles hotel! Limited tickets, grab yours before it’s all gone!! More info at my website http://www.kikitay.com/!

Day 3 - The Amazing Turtle Show!!!

I’ve just got an idea for our show in June! It’s gonna be a funny act called “The Amazing Turtle Show!” seriously! I’m not Kiki Kidding!! I’ve written the act and now I’m deciding who to cast for the act. The tough part is also of course, to find the right costume. Anybody’s got any idea on where I can get a turtle mascot costume? I’ve visited almost all the pet shops in Singapore but none of the turtles have the right sized shell. My friend Shredder promises to provide me with the shell I need. I have no idea where he is going to find it, but it’s sure taking him hell a long time! I better look for alternative sources! Please, if anyone could help!!

P.S. I am serious about the “The Amazing Turtle show!” Come to “Just Kiki Kidding!” to find out what it’s all about! Find out more here! Or buy tickets here!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 2 - Our Rehearsal Space!

Well, today we had rehearsals again! Our rehearsal venue is incredible! 800 square feet with air-conditioning and mirrors! Kudos to our sales & marketing manager, Daryl to provide this nice rehearsal place within our budget! It cost us only $1.60 to rent this space for unlimited hours!! (8 person X $0.20ea.) The only drawback is that this place is open to the public too. So, anybody who pays 20cents can come in and out as they want and they have been stopping to watch our “private” rehearsal which was quite irritating. Oh, and sometimes the flushing sound bothered us for a bit but we got used to it. On the bright side, all our costumes have a nice lavender/lemon fragrance that will be familiar to many. Well, you get what you paid for. Again, kudos to Daryl for finding a place that is within our budget! I heard there are some free ones we can use but we wouldn’t want to be a cheap free-loader… Rehearsals have been great! Look out for our show in June! I can hardly wait! Get your tickets at http://www.gatecrash.com.sg/ or at any Post Office or SAM Machines!

Kiki Tay - Extremely Talented...

Many of you might not know, I am extremely talented in many areas other than lying, boasting and exaggerating. I am seriously EXTREMELY TALENTED and I’m not Kiki Kidding! And I’m not exaggerating at all! I am ONE THOUSAND MILLION PERCENT EXTREMELY EXTREMELY NOT EXAGGERATING!! I am REALLY REALLY THAT TALENTED! Anyway, back to my humble incredible super show-off talents. Many of you may not know, I have an extreme talent in beat-boxing, and I am definitely going to perform it for you in my show! Do look out for it! I’ve been practicing hard… so hard that my hand hurts… Come to the show to find out what it's all about! 'Just Kiki Kidding!' 29th June 2008! Grab your tickets before they are all gone!!

Day 1 - Just Jug..Jug..Juggling!

Yeah! Today is our first day of rehearsal! I started working on my juggling routine. Many of you don’t know, although I only juggle 3 balls most of the time in my show, I usually practice with 5 balls! Yes, 3 balls in hand, 2 on the floor… Wait.. hang on, if we don’t count the balls on the floor, there are actually still 5 balls on me… Don’t think dirty! I meant my two EYEBALLS!!... Come to think of it, it’s actually 6 balls… but that’s my own problem… If you really MUST know, check out my health blog here. Anyway, juggling is fun and the way I do it is extremely entertaining, especially when I drop a ball! Pray that I drop one in my show! Although I hope not. Either way, expect a real stylish act or a comedy juggling act! Only at Just Kiki Kidding! 29th June 2008 @ Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel!