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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 14 - Mrs Naidu & Son

We have been talking about Mrs. Naidu for a long time, yet many of you have not met her (lucky you). Here is a video of Arvind & Mrs. Naidu. This was shot when Arvind "Siva" Naidu was nominated for the "NS Man of the Year" award. This video is edited and directed by my dear friend Wai Kit Kun (aka Stone Kun). You will get to meet him in my later sequels of "Just Kiki Kidding!" In the meantime, enjoy this video!
*Warning, may need eye medicine or mental therapy to recover from watching some parts.

*WARNING - This video is NOT suitable for children!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 13 - Need Eye Medicines and Mental Therapy...

Today I finally understand why the F1 Grand Prix Singapore race is held at night. Can you imagine the ERP they have to pay if they were to race in the day? Gosh, imagine 70 laps... *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* and many more!!

Anyway, back to our production...Today we continue to rehearse Arvind’s item, it was great, but Mrs Naidu has much complains about my direction. She claims that she used to be an extremely popular dancer back in “her days” and she offered her ideas to us. To help us further understand what she meant, she even demonstrated some of the dance moves herself. During one of the more extreme moves, part of her sari tore and we saw things that we didn’t want to see… in our entire life… We had to cancel our dinner plans and also to stop rehearsal immediately so that we can all go home and rest. It is only for our own good that we do so… Anyway, we have been working hard to bring you an EXCELLENT SHOW! And we promise not to show you things that you weren’t suppose to see! So do not hesitate! If you haven’t grab your tickets, DO SO NOW!! Tickets are going fast! Grab them before they’re gone!! You can see the amount of seats left at GateCrash's website!! Some good seats are already gone! Hurry! don't wait!! Get them now!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 12 - Crocodile Curry

We need to save money from Vivien’s sponsorship as we had spent most of it on our meeting venue. We have to stop having meetings at Zouk... Anyway, to save money (or rather to recover loss) we had our rehearsal back at Mrs Naidu’s house. It was great! We had crocodile curry for lunch, this time we made sure the smell was from the curry itself. Anyway, Mrs Naidu was in tears when she was making the crocodile curry. It almost felt like she was sorry for the crocodile but we highly doubt so. We were trying to find a phrase to describe this but we just can’t can't find the right words for it... Anyway, today we continued rehearsing Arvind’s act. We found a suitable female partner for his item. We’ll keep it a secret for now, but I’m sure you will definitely like the singer/dancer that’s gonna play as Arvind’s partner! She is as good as me! I swear!! Come to the show to find out who this mysterious but famous celebrity is! Definitely entertaining!! Don’t miss it! Grab your tickets NOW!!! Find out more at my website http://www.kikitay.com/ !

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 11 - Our First Sponsorship!

Today we were back at Vivien’s studio; we helped clean up her studio a bit. We believe in cleanliness, thus we cannot stand the mess all over the floor! We pushed the mess into a corner instead. That frees up almost 50% of the studio space! Now we have more space to rehearse our bigger items! Anyway, we brought a couple to cats here today as we found rats running around yesterday. I wonder why there could be rats in a studio. We set the cats loose and they went to do their job while we carried on with our work. Before we could start on my fire-eating, Vivien walked in and she commented about the fire, the mess in the corner, the rats, the cats (Which we helpfully brought it over to HELP HER with her rat problem) and the charcoal steamboat that we left over from yesterday’s quick snack , and also the socks we have left on the floor. She mentioned that was a little concern about the state of her studio. We explained our principle and our high moral integrity that we won’t let this be, and we will definitely pick up the socks, once we “inee minee mai-nee mo” the right person to do it. She didn’t seem content, I wonder why. Anyway, being a nice person she is, she understands our lack of budget and offered some money to us in helping us rent a nicer place to rehearse in, as she feels that we deserve a nicer place rather than her “crappy small” studio. We happily took her money and added her company 'Zephyhdom’ to our sponsor list! It must have been our passion and enthusiasm in our craft that had inspired her! We will continue to work hard to come up with new and better ideas so as not to disappoint her! Anyway, Vivien if you are reading this blog, sorry for the pile of dirt under the carpet, we have no idea how it got there! We’ll help you clean up immediately after we find the broom! We must have left it in your fridge or something…

Day 10 - Nice People...

I woke up late today and was late for rehearsal. I wonder who posted the previous blog post as it sure wasn’t me! Can’t remember what happened yesterday, but well, we have to put the past aside and move on! Today was a great day! Although I was late for rehearsal, all my guys had been quite patiently waiting for me, not a single word of complain! In fact, they were smiling very happily when we were rehearsing the whole day today! Nice people! I really love working with happy sincere people!! We spent most of the time today planning the timing and sequence of the show, as well as the music cues, lighting and rigging plans. It was hard work, but fun! After our rehearsal, we went for supper at newton circle and the people there were very friendly also. Many people who had passed by me, smiled at me. I guess my popularity had grown tremendously! Those people must have seen me performed somewhere before. Well, it pays to be a celebrity magician! Life is great! I went back home after supper and after removing my shirt, I saw a piece of paper accidentally stuck to my back, on it was written “Late Bastard” someone must have written these words for a tombstone of someone named “Mr. Bastard” or something. That piece of paper had somehow blown off a table, out a window and got stuck to the back of my shirt accidentally. Probably while I was walking back to my house from my car. Anyway, I wondered which poor guy had passed away. What a sad name. Imagine someone named “bastard”… Sounded like some character in Austin Power’s movie or something.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 9 - Frustrating Head Breaks Metal Tray!

We didn’t bo much today accept for working in my karate routine. I practicing and practiced for the entire the bay but still can’t right get it. It’s bean frustrating! That aside, we had a six-course candlelight dinner today at the studio is a great place to have six course candle dinner because it looked like we having 12 candles because of mirror the studio in. So funny it was. Vivien didn’t join us, don’t know why. So back to the karate routine I practicing is hard makes dizzy me. Trying to break the metal tray with me’s head. What am I was thinking of. Anyway practice stop-non makes me dizzy and feeling wired the whole day. Baryl ask me stop to practice and before I get brane damage. He say me say things funnyly. Crazy of him. I am good feeling whole day normal nothing brain mage or anythink. He crazy he, but good nice guy. Anyway I batter rest early sleep tomorrow practice more time break metal tray karate head so no disappoint master Myojomi. Do go and bye ticket to “Just Kidding Kiki’ to see karate head break in two! It’s good show I warrantee! Goodnight!

Day 8 - Karate Kix!

Let me start today’s production blog entry by telling you about my dear friend Vivien. Vivien is a great gal! She has been someone who had believed in me for many many years! Whenever I need help, she is always there for me. Vivien is also the reason behind the success of my career, she was the one who brought me into the entertainment scene and I am forever grateful! She also owns a highly successful company named “Zephyhdom” Check out her blog HERE!
Anyway, being a nice person that she is, had allowed us to rehearse at her dance studio for the past week. We were so grateful to her that we were considering clearing up the mess we made in her studio. Anyway, we’ll discuss more about that tomorrow, or maybe the day after, or maybe next week. Pizza stains are tough to clean, you know… And there’s always use for used Mcdonald packaging and empty chili sauce sachet… We’ll leave it there for the time being. Anyway today we started rehearsing my other acts. We were supposed to work on my mime act but I haven’t got time to write the script yet. So we decided to move on to work on my karate act instead. Yes, I have a karate act in my show where I break a metal tray in two using my head!! I train under the great, highly respected grand-master, Master Myojomi! However, I have not much success so far but will continue to work on it. I will update you on my progress tomorrow. I am definitely going to perfect this karate act for my show, and you’ll have the honor to watch it LIVE! Do remember to buy tickets to the show if you want to find out what it’s all about! Tickets are selling fast!! Hurry!!