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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 32 - Kiki Tay, Wanted by Many!

Today we rehearsed at Moe’s place again. While making my way to moe’s place, I found a poster of myself at the lift lobby. I immediately marveled at how good-looking I looked, but it seems like someone drew a moustache on my face in one of my picture. I wonder if it was Judy who did this. Anyway, upon inspecting the poster, I noticed some words on it. After an hour of checking the dictionary, I was surprised to find out that the police academy was actually looking for me! I didn’t expect them to go through this extend to find me. It must be my passion and enthusiasm that had inspired them. Anyway they could have gotten me by calling me on my mobile, or used the pigeon I left with them. When I called my ex-superior to tell him my situation, he decided to let the matter rest as long as I return my uniform. I will send in my uniform tomorrow, despite my girlfriend wanting me to keep it for another night. Anyway if you happen to see this poster in the streets, do help me rip it off! Thanks! Hope to see you at my show! Get your tickets here!