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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 24 - Extra Income!

Today I met up with my dear friend Daniel Tang from GateCrash. Daniel is an incredibly talented IT guy who develops multi-million-dollar software systems. He is also currently involved in some software research in NUS and he is going to be Dr. Daniel Tang after his made his contributions to the research. Great! I have this itch in my pants that wouldn’t go away, once he becomes Dr. Tang, I can get free consultation from him! Anyway, the reason I’ve met up with him is that I was hoping to get his help in developing this ERP idea that I had to reduce traffic flow to the toilet during intermission. My objective is like the government, it's PURELY to reduce traffic flow, not to make money… really. Anyway, the idea was to develop a “walk-in” ERP system that deducts money from the EZ-Link card rather than an IU, as I had spent some time to survey over 100 people to find out that most Singapore don’t carry their IU with them when they leave their vehicle. Anyway, Daniel told me that he will need information on the existing ERP gantry in order to develop our own, so somehow I have to figure out how it works. I’ll work on it tomorrow and will keep you guys updated on my progress! In the meantime, if you haven't get tickets for "Just Kiki Kidding!" do so now! Tickets are going fast!! Find out more here or choose your seats here! Also, do remember to top up your EZ-Link card before coming to the show...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 23 - 2 Million Dollar Sponsorship!!

Today I met up with my dear friends Harry & Jane from EVO Communications. They are nice sincere people who had been helping me a lot in my career. I’ve approached Harry with a plead for sponsorship for my show. At first he didn’t seem interested in giving me free money, but when I told him that I am going to make an F16 appear in my show, he was more interested than ever! Finally I shared a great secret with him on how to make money using the ERP system and Taxi meter, he made an offer to sponsor me in my production! Yeah!! I’ve added his company EVO Communications to our sponsor list and billed him $2,000,000. He is going to pay me in 10,000 easy payment of $200/year. He had also given me an idea to increase my income for the show. I am going to add an ERP Gantry to the door of the theater to reduce the amount of traffic flow to the washroom during intermission. We are now working on how to develop a system whereby we make deductions on an individual’s EZ-link card instead of needing an IU. I’ve also somehow promised Harry that I’m going to make an F16 Appear. Now I stuck with the problem of how to actually do it… hmmm… Maybe i should consult the Guru of Magic... Or maybe...

Day 22 - Miss Molena Afalangie!

As you know, I haven’t put up a blog entry for days and I have an excellent explanation for it; laziness. I find the need to start updating blog entries again because of some "write your blog or i beat you!" threats. Actually we had been working hard at rehearsals, just that nothing funny had happened as we are a bunch of serious, no-nonsense people who doesn’t joke around. Anyway, today we had our rehearsal in Mrs. Naidu’s house again, Mrs Naidu was not around as I heard she went for some pilgrimage in India. We had a visitor that came to our rehearsal. Miss Molena Afalangie. She is my distant relative. She stays in Tampinese and I stay in Clementi (Quite a distant) Anyway, she is my mom’s sister’s brother’s mom’s daughter (My Aunt). Miss Molena Afalangie is quite an entertainer herself as I heard from my mom that she won some performing competition and is some celebrity in some TV station. She had been living in Hong Kong for many years but came to reside in Singapore. My mom forced me to bring her around but I am busy with rehearsal so I got her to join me instead, after my rehearsal maybe I’ll bring her to see some of Singapore’s most famous monument like the Merlion and the ERP Gantries. Anyway, she’s got quite an adventure to share with us and I will tell you about it tomorrow... or maybe the day after. Or maybe next week. Sometimes I tend to procrastinate a bit. I’ll tell you about my procastination problems tomorrow… or the day after. Or maybe next week...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 21 - Secrets of Magical Wealth!

Today, I spent some time with the Guru of Magic, Mr. Francis Ang! He agreed to come to my house today to work with me on my show, when he pulled up at my driveway, I was surprised to find out that he drives a Porsche! When he got out of his car, he places a big cloth over his car and made it vanish! I was shocked! What a cool way to save on parking fees! When he got into my house, I offered him to make himself a drink and he did. He made a can of coke appear from inside his shoe! But after he drank it, he says it tasted like feet. When I asked him how he gets his money to afford a Porsche and he lets me in on his secret. He told me that he had made a huge discovery! He told me that aside from a profitable tanning-lotion business that he just bought; most of his income mainly comes from driving his car backward into ERP gantries… And thus money is added to his cashcard instead of being deducted! Such a simple theory yet nobody discovered! He also mentioned that he is able to convince unsuspecting taxi drivers to drive backward so that at the end of the journey, the taxi driver owes him money instead. He told me not share this secret with anyone, so I won’t be sharing it with you. I’ll just give you a hint; it’s got something to do with “ERP” and “Taxi meters!” go figure! Anyway we had worked out an incredible act for “Just Kiki Kidding!” You won’t want to miss it! Tickets are going fast! So if you haven’t grab your tickets, DO SO NOW!!