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Welcome! Please READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP! So that many of the progress makes sense! First post "Day 1" is dated 21st April! Enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 20 - How did this picture get here?!

We didn’t rehearse today, but instead we went for costume fitting. While I was changing, Daryl secretly took a picture of me! I’ve only found out about this when he sent it to me later in the evening. I wanted to get rid of this picture because I thought I look fat in it, but somehow, mysteriously, someone uploaded it to this blog post. I tried to delete it but somehow I can’t. Please keep it to yourself. Please DO NOT circulate this picture! DO NOT “right click” and “save target as”, then select a folder and a name to save it. eg. “Mr Hunky Kiki Tay” etc. Do not send it to all your friends on MSN messenger. Also, DO NOT click on the “attach file” on your e-mail editor and select the filename you previously saved the picture as, click on “attach” to attach the file to send it to everyone on your contact list. Also, please DON’T print out this picture from this hi-res link and paste it all over your wall or the wall of your workplace… I am a very shy person, very modest and humble... I do not want all the attention. I hope you can respect that. If you need more instructions or you have problem trying to send it to all you friends, do let me know. I’ll try to help you with it although I strongly disapprove of it…

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 19 - "V" Short Film!!

While working on our production, we never stop having fun! Check out the short film we made! It's called "V" Short Film. You must be wondering what the "V" stands for... watch it and you'll soon find out! Enjoy!

Day 18 - Amazing Moments!!

Today I got to meet Francis Ang, the legendary guru of magic! I was surprised how young and friendly he was. He greeted me with a smile and offered me a glass of coke. When I told him I don’t drink coke, he magically made a pass and the glass of coke magically becomes a glass of coke light! I was so amazed and at the same time slightly disturbed by the way he made a pass on me. I drank the coke light and it tasted great! Just like coke, only lighter! Zero calories! I felt like I lost some weight just by drinking it! He then pointed to a plant beside his office table and about a dozen oranges magically bloomed from the plant! “How about some orange juice?” he asked. I was blown away!! That was the most incredible thing I’ve seen since Mrs. Naidu’s sari broke! I immediately asked if he could help me and he agreed. We talked for about an hour, and he helped me worked out the many ideas that I had. I won’t share with you what we worked on as it will be a surprise when you come to watch the show LIVE! Just a hint, it’s got something to do with water!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 17 - The Great Guru of Magic - Francis Ang!

Lately I’ve been quite frustrated with some of my magic. There are some tricks/illusions I wanted to accomplish but just can’t find the best method/spells to get it right. My uncle’s friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s sister’s tuition teacher’s gynaecologist told me that there is this great young Magic Guru named ‘Francis Ang’ that could help me. I’ve heard of his name before but have never met him. I’ve decided to go on an adventure to great distances to find this great Guru of Magic! I tried everything I could to track him down, I did a search on the internet, called all my friends and even looked under my carpet, but had no leads at all, when I was about to give up, one of my friend called me… He called me a quitter... I was so upset that I became even more determined to track down this ‘Francis Ang’ guy. After a few more calls I finally managed to get Francis’ number from my friend Georgie. I called the number that Georgie gave me and Francis’ assistant picked up the phone. I asked him where I could find Francis and he told me that Francis is in Meditation! I looked up my street directory but can’t find Meditation… it must be near Sembawang or something. I shouldn’t have hung up the phone so soon. I called back again and managed to speak to him. He had agreed to meet me tomorrow! I am so excited! I will update you on our meeting tomorrow!

Day 16 - Flame of Asia - Danny Koh!

I was walking down the street today and I saw my friend Danny Koh! We haven’t met in years and it was great bumping into him! We sat down and had a long talk, before the police came and told us not to sit in the middle of a busy road. We reluctantly shifted. Anyway, we sat down at a cafĂ© and had a good chat. He told me that he had sold his multi-million-dollar tanning lotion business and is now semi-retired. He now has more time to work on his passion for fire art. When I asked him what he meant, he took out a lighter and swallowed it. He then opened his mouth and breathes of fire kept pouring out from his mouth! I was shocked and also blacken by the soot! That was an amazing act! I immediately asked if he is willing to guest star in my show and he agreed! That will be something worth looking forward to in my show! Do not miss it! Also, do not sit in the first few row! “Just Kiki Kidding!” 29th June 2008 @ The Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel. Find out more here or purchase tickets here!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 15 - New Reasons To Buy Tickets!

Recently, ticket sales have been going slow… In my desperate effort to sell more tickets, I’m adopting a new “violent marketing” technique. It’s a new kind of marketing approach I’ve created whereby if you don’t buy tickets, I will beat you! Remember, I am the student of Myojomi Dojo! Anyway, this method has proven effective so far. I’ve beaten up 3 of my friends and they have all bought tickets after that. So please buy tickets soon to avoid a beating! I will send you more information when I’m out of the hospital. (I am a victim of the “stop forcing me or I beat you!” method) I’ve also been thinking about adopting other methods of marketing, like the “don’t friend you” method or the “I tell teacher” approach… It has worked for me during my earlier days, I wonder if it will still work now.