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Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Just Kiki Kidding!" PHOTOS ARE UP!!

Yeah! "Just Kiki Kidding!" Photos are up on my facebook!

Here is the link - http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=599582668

And here are some of my favourites!!

Mr. Naidu... with the masculine moustache and all...

Yes! We really HAD an ERP in the theater! Didn't reduce any traffic flow though...

Do this... and this to prevent constipation...!

World record for the longest leg hair EVER!!


Maximullium Chua Hyphen Heng explains why flamingos are pink!

Arvind Naidu! Future Bollywood Super Moon?!

Miss Kenalangabaicar (Kena-Langga-by-car) meets Bollywood Super Moon Arvind!

Didn't make much money from the ERP though... as later we discovered that our invention was merely a printed banner... DARN!

A mysterious force that bends spoon!

Mrs Naidu's attempt to get her panties back...

Turtle Curry?!? (Yes, this was a looooong show...)

Erm... errr.... errr... hmmm... erm...

Maximillium explains the concept of time...

The GREAT Watermelon Giveaway!! 2 lucky audience member walked away with a free watermelon each!!

And MANY MORE!! Click HERE for more photos!!

Alos, Look out for more photos and videos coming soon!!

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