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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 27 - Just Judee!

Today was a frustrating day, my MacBook had some problem and couldn’t start. Many of my important documents are inside, including my production documents, scripts, promotional materials, music etc. And I could not go on with my show until I have access to it. Luckily I happened to meet my friend Judy Tan today and she offered to help me with my problem. I passed her my MacBook and she managed to get it working again within half a day. I was so thankful until I found out that she had kept some of my personal pictures from my “personal collection”. She had promised not to release them only if I help her promote her upcoming show in my blog… Of course, being a manly real man, I will not give in to this kind of threat. But then again, Judy is such a nice person, so pretty, so talented, so kind, so helpful, so great… She is one of the best theater actress/singer in the whole wide world!! And her show is going to be soooooo good! It’s called “JUST Judee” which I thought sounded like the name of another production I came across recently, but I can’t recall which. Anyway, other than coming to my show “JUST Kiki Kidding!” do also and check out her show “JUST Judee!” Because she is such a nice person, so talented, so pretty so… blah blah blah… you get the idea! She doesn’t look like herself in this picture. Someone drew a moustache to it... I don’t know who drew it but it is definitely not me… Really, Judy! It’s not me!!… I didn’t draw the moustache in poster! Please please do not release my erm… personal pictures!! Click on her poster to find out more (And to see the real her!!)

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