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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 28 - Buy Tickets Or I'll Shoot You!

Today is the first day of my police enrollment. They have some funny exercises that we have to go through before we qualify to be in the training. The exercises involved looking at a poster full of different sizes alphabets one eye at a time, exercises that test your courage like draining some blood from your arm etc. And some other exercises which involved peeing in a cup. Once completed, they have a strange ritual that everybody must perform before being allowed into the training. The ritual involves dropping your pants and coughing. I have no idea what the ritual signifies but I did it anyway. I’m just glad I don’t have to bend over. Anyway I’m now in the force, and now have greater power in forcing you to buy tickets! Remember my “If you don’t buy tickets, I’ll beat you” strategy? I’ll be changing it to “If you don’t buy tickets, I’ll shoot you!” strategy! So buy tickets now or I’ll shoot you when I get my gun! You can get tickets at all post offices or SAM Machines island-wide, or choose your seats from GateCrash’s Website here!

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Sentosa Girl said...

Love the last photo. Mas Selemat should say "Ok, ok, i surrender to the police and buy your tickets."


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