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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 15 - New Reasons To Buy Tickets!

Recently, ticket sales have been going slow… In my desperate effort to sell more tickets, I’m adopting a new “violent marketing” technique. It’s a new kind of marketing approach I’ve created whereby if you don’t buy tickets, I will beat you! Remember, I am the student of Myojomi Dojo! Anyway, this method has proven effective so far. I’ve beaten up 3 of my friends and they have all bought tickets after that. So please buy tickets soon to avoid a beating! I will send you more information when I’m out of the hospital. (I am a victim of the “stop forcing me or I beat you!” method) I’ve also been thinking about adopting other methods of marketing, like the “don’t friend you” method or the “I tell teacher” approach… It has worked for me during my earlier days, I wonder if it will still work now.


Reid said...
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Playoff Tickets said...

haha thats a good reason -_- Ive also heard that its a good idea to offer incentives or prizes for people who buy tickets o_O